John Lloyd


Assistant District Commander

Favourite part of my job

Working with good people as part of a team with a common goal to help our community.

Hobbies and interests

Being from Castleford my real passion in life is Rugby, both league and union. I gave up Rugby League at 34 but continued Rugby Union until I was 50. Another interest of mine is travel. I have been to: India, Nepal, Thailand, USA, the Caribbean and various European countries. I also enjoy walking, camping, cycling, cooking and socialising.

Interesting Fact

I have trekked to Mount Everest base camp with three other Fire Service colleagues.


Good moral values, resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability are all required to be a firefighter.

Your Next Step

Being a firefighter involves making a commitment. The training and dedication
to the role is demanding, but the role provides real rewards.

Join our professional team and make a difference in the West Yorkshire community today. We’ll help you uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had and you’ll soon start noticing the benefits.

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