Lukasz Sobacki



Favourite part of my job

I love to ride on the fire engine and put fires out, however, I'm always really happy doing the work behind the scenes too! Whether that's carrying out Safe & Well checks, visiting schools to talk about safety or being involved in charity work.

Hobbies and interests

Outside of the fire service I work as a freelance Polish-English interpreter for NHS, councils and courts. I help Polish communities and Romanian-gypsies. Recently I have been working with victims of human trafficking working closely with charity agencies that support people against modern slavery.

Interesting Fact

In 2005 I decided to come to England (from Poland) to get better experiences. I had a one way ticket and just £100 in my pocket. I didn’t know any English however I taught myself quickly.


"My mental and physical strength prepared me for my career in fire service, as well as my Fiance’s positivity and support prior to me joining and all the way through. The passion and love I have for the job has prepared me and helped me to give 100% around the clock."

Your Next Step

Being a firefighter involves making a commitment. The training and dedication
to the role is demanding, but the role provides real rewards.

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