Fire Prevention

As a firefighter, you’ll be required to carry out duties that prevent or reduce the risk of a fire occurring in the first place.

To do this, you will engage in community safety activities which aim to make people safer, including visiting people in their homes to:

  • Identify any fire safety risks within the property
  • Identify vulnerable individuals and consider further support
  • Offer fire safety advice and support so that they are safe within their home and, where required, fit smoke alarms
  • Signpost vulnerable people to other agencies where necessary


After receiving a phone call from a concerned neighbour, one of our crews visited the property of a confused 76-year-old widower to carry out a Home Fire Safety Check. Moving around the property was difficulty due to excessive hoarding.

The crew fitted a linked smoke alarm system to all rooms and an alarm in the neighbour’s property. They gave him advice but were concerned that he was not taking the information in, so referred the case to the specialist prevention team. A fire prevention assistant subsequently visited the property and made a referral to Adult Social Care. A multi-agency meeting was held in which we advised about the current fire safety risks within the property.

Environmental Health worked with the man to clear some of the hoarded items, he was referred for help for alcohol abuse and introduced to a community centre for social support.

Other involvement in prevention work

You could become an instructor and work alongside our Youth Intervention Team delivering fire safety awareness courses and activities to children and young people. We also consult with crews as we develop our policies and procedures around fire prevention so you may be asked for your feedback.

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