Group Manager, currently seconded to the National Resilience Team

Favourite part of my job

I love the different opportunities that are on offer. I have done such a wide range of roles during my 11 years in the Service.
I have worked at the fire stations in Huddersfield, Osset, Cleckheaton, and Stanningley. I have also worked in other roles in Ops Policy, Employee Resources and Training. So far I have enjoyed every role that I have done as they have all taught me something new, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be working in the Training Centre - especially when we were recruiting new firefighters. They were the next intake after mine (10 years later!) and it was really exciting being on the other side of things as a Station Manager, helping train the new firefighters.

Hobbies and interests

I ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Also I’m a keen surfer and netball player. Everyone always says I have ants in my pants and I can never sit still but I love being active, and getting out and about and doing things.

Interesting Fact

I worked as a Project Manager for an Environmental company in Saltaire before joining the fire service and have lived in Colorado


“There’s no time like the present – if you’re thinking about joining us, please get your application in! I became a firefighter because I wanted a career that offered different opportunities and a clear career progression route, and I’m testament that it’s possible to make those amazing career steps and develop yourself here at WYFRS.”

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