Crew Commander

Favourite part of my job

Working with some inspiring people, who each have a very unique blend of skills to bring to the team

Hobbies and interests

I’m a Sports Therapist – I do sports massage and I assess and treat sports injuries. I'm also an ultramarathon runner. My longest run to date is 55 miles over the North York Moors and I’m currently training for a 50 mile run in the Lake District with over 12000ft of climbing.

Interesting Fact

I was once caught up in a civil dispute in Namibia, Southern Africa, when the village I was staying in was attacked by a group of armed rebels. We escaped and were flown in a private chartered jet to a 5 star country club where the President of Namibia came to give us a personal apology. The two weeks all expenses paid stay in the country club soon smoothed it over for us!

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